We called CB Home Solutions for refrigerator that quit working--no lights, no refrigeration, no power. To diagnose was not so simple because the refrigerator was not a stand-alone appliance which can be pulled out. It was built in, securely attached to the custom cabinetry. So it wasn't simply an appliance repair, but a major project to work on it. Additionally, our fridge is a Miele, very uncommon, and most are not willing to service this brand. We had another appliance tech company come in initially but he was only able to tell us that there was no power and it was beyond his scope to remove the refrigerator out to diagnosis the problem. I found CB Home Solns on line, which listed the many services that they are able to perform, appliance repair being one, but also remodeling. I thought, hmmm, maybe this is what we need. They charge a base rate for diagnosis, which is fair and reasonable. The job took hours to complete-to remove the fridge, to access and test the working parts, and to replace the fridge. Chad, the owner, and crew worked diligently, and, at first, was not able to determine the problem. Because he was not able to find the solution, he said he would just charge the base rate. However, finally, Chad was able to determine the cause of the power outage. Refrigerator fixed! What impressed us most was his work ethic, his persistence to find the problem, to make sure the customer is satisfied. CB Home Solutions provides many services--Handyman services. It will be so easy to call just one company. We are very pleased and we told him we would call again if we ever needed anything around the house. Thanks, Chad!

Barbara Johnson